What does it take to be Renown?

We provide relevant, strategic PR and communication services with personality, for new businesses and emerging brands.


Brand Ambassador & Representation

Renown PR creates awareness of our client brands, we live and love our clients emerging business, and look for future opportunities for brand profiling.



Renown plays a vital role across all aspects in public relations, from editorial features, to managing the entire process of creation for the necessary press material (press kit concept and delivery, coordination of photo shoots for digital content, events and media famils).


Digital & Content Creation

Renown work with our brands to create a personalized content that enhances brand awareness digitally. We assist with new photographic content and videos, and utilise existing resources that creates the necessary digital content for a consistent and growing presence on social media.


Event Management

Renown lead promotional activities and create events to enhance brand visibility. Our approach to our clients' events is always with an incomparable attention to detail, from theme conception, guest list creation, venue scouting, production, sponsors, vendors, permits, on site management and post event reports. Renown events are known for a chic touch, leaving a lasting impression.


Social Media

Renown has the experience to manage all social media platforms, engaging with the brand’s audience organically and enhancing engagement through targeted collaborations and creative partnerships. Renown is up to date with new social media tools and manages creative digital campaigns with detailed reports to new audience growth.