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Renown PR is incredibly proud of our growing brand portfolio, passionate people who love what they do! If you are interested in being part of our brand collective contact Rebecca or Sophie for a chat.


Likuid Media

Andrea is the founder of Likuid Media, a digital agency that helps businesses grow through social media marketing and content creation. Andrea works with his clients to connect their products or services to thousands of people who may be interested in them through Facebook and Instagram. In addition to that, being a filmmaker and photographer he also produces content that’s used to build his client’s brand. Since moving to New Plymouth in March 2019 he was able to work on projects for The Novotel, McDonald Real Estate, TSB Community Trust and the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce among others. After being based in New Plymouth for a year now, he says the sight of Mount Taranaki still amazes him every time. The beautiful landscapes are perfect for a photography and filmmaking, and Andrea takes time out by taking photos at Back Beach or flying his drone to capture aerial photography and footage.


Sonic Delusion

Sonic Delusion, the New Zealand-based Swiss-Kiwi is one of the original one man banders, having been looping for over ten years and still digging the challenge of building up a song in front of a live audience with his latin-infused, pop-laced, funky, electroacoustic folk. A vibrant, high-energy performer, Sonic Delusion (Andre Manella) blends dynamic layers of rhythm, tones, bass lines and vocals, carving out his unapologetically ambitious and intriguingly experimental sound. He loves to exploit his too funky for folk and too folky for funk signature style, well known to bring a live crowd to rapturous atmospheric joy. Stoking the groove with funky bass or beats that really get the audience going, Sonic Delusion’s uniquely upbeat, a bit tongue-in-cheek, and bursting with more funk than folk can handle, is irresistible. Anything Goes (2019) is the newest album (to be released in May), and in keeping with Sonic Delusions’ style, Manella crafts his melody around lyrics that create a clever backdrop of very memorable songs. Fans following Sonic Delusion are in for a sweet ride on the new album, watch each single gathering momentum with their unapologetically funky, electroacoustic folk experimental sound.


Three Sisters Brewery

In the heart of Oakura, just a skip and a hop from the black sanded Taranaki coast line, a different hop is delighting locals and craft beer enthusiasts (equally as much as the sea and surf of this popular township…) Three Sisters Brewery, established by husband-and-wife team Joe and Sarah, are part of the boutique brewery boom lubricating the country, and challenging traditional beer drinkers to experiment with distinctive, fresh and remarkable flavours that New Zealand craft beer brewers are becoming renown for. After winning the first Taranaki SOBA Homebrew Competition in 2015, followed by a silver medal at the Brewers Guild Awards in 2017, Three Sisters commenced commercially brewing in April 2017. Small batch production means the beer is always fresh, with the flavour profile the sharpest freshly brewed. Sourcing quality ingredients and using Oakura’s uniquely profiled water supply ensure an exciting range of craft beers are produced with each brewing session. Three Sisters Brewery staple offerings Oakura Blonde, Taranaki Gold, Medusa APA and award winning Rain in the Face APA are positioning Taranaki on the national craft beer brewing map. Three Sisters Brewery is proof that a passion and hard work has the potential to turn into a truly loved brand



EVOAQ- Air Quality Innovation is a New Zealand owned, and Taranaki operated business that focuses on providing energy efficient ventilation options for your home. Owner operators Nick Daly, a qualified builder, and his wife Haley strongly believe in the innovative technology of EVOAQ. The technology, with sensor controls, was designed and developed in New Zealand for New Zealand homes. Whether it’s a new or existing home, the air quality in a house should never be compromised. They’re here to help Taranaki create healthier, drier, energy efficient homes free from dust, excessive moisture and humidity. EVOAQ technology has been created with a vision to enhance New Zealanders’ quality of life, by providing homes with constant ventilation and more effective energy efficient systems.


Sanctuary Hill

Sanctuary Hill Yoga and Retreats is providing an oasis to unwind and retreat from daily life. The unique location in rural New Plymouth, Taranaki provides a calming and uplifting environment to begin a wellness journey. Ram and Bhavani Davies are the intuitive minds behind the Sanctuary Hill space, the couple have a passion for teaching traditional yoga in an environment that supports the needs of each individual. Ram and Bhavani appreciate the need for a holistic practice that teaches an in-depth yoga practice, inclusive of centering meditation, activating and restorative yoga. Sanctuary Hill retreats are a designed to provide relaxing practice that revitalises the mind and body, leaving their guests feeling refreshed and energised. Sanctuary Hill also offers regular Yoga courses and classes that are focused on holistic wellness through a yoga practice that connects the mind, breath and body. “We have a passion not just for teaching yoga and wellness but also living it. We believe that by connecting to all elements of nature around us, it helps us tune into the nature and peace within ourselves.” – Ram and Bhavani Davies


Tuesday Label

Tuesday, a New Zealand designed label fashioned for women who embrace the art of dressing up, who don’t want to wait for an occasion, women who want beautiful pieces that are versatile enough to take them anywhere. Founder and designer, Biddie knows fashion, having lived and breathed it her whole life. Tuesday is her desire to transcend styles through day and night, summer and winter, work and play. Throwing traditional limitations out the window and giving women the freedom to dress from themselves, each style is girlish and graceful. From the fabrics to the colour, playfulness is at the heart of every design. Tuesday is a label that has a feminine edge, something Biddie herself exudes with stylish ease. Where romance and wearability collide, Tuesday brings you the seasons to come out of your shell. Tuesday is stocked in over 52 retailers across New Zealand. Including E-commerce sites Tuesday Label, Mode.co.nz and Shineone.co.nz and loved by women of influence such as TV and Radio personality Toni Street, v-blogger and Make-up Artist Annalee Muggeridge and Lifestyle Influencer Simone Anderson.

Joanna Taylor - Mortgage Advisor

Financially savvy, with an understanding of the banking, real estate and property transaction sectors, Joanna is your most valuable resource when it comes to getting into your first home or next home. As one of the key mortgage advisors at SMM Taranaki, Joanna is renowned for ensuring the process of lending, from start to finish, is as straightforward and simple as possible. Joanna will put your mind at ease, as your number one “go-to” person she is able to answer any questions you have along the way. Don’t struggle to navigate the home financing process yourself, she is dedicated to helping you find the perfect lending solution for your situation. It’s all part of the journey of getting you your perfect home.



Boho Bridal Design is a New Zealand boutique bridal design business, founded by the blissfully free spirited designer duo, sisters Abbey & Lisa. Both Boho designers have an enthusiasm for creating fiercely fashionable wedding gowns that are anything but ordinary. Their intention is to create gowns that reflect the brides who wear them; they are soulful, playful and bohemian at heart. Designing and creating gowns, gives the girls the freedom to produce dresses that confront the traditional and offer brides a striking and effortlessly elegant alternative. The sisters, both determined, balance young families while striving to achieve their goals for their beloved Boho brand. ‘We do it for our family, for the freedom to do what we love and not have to miss time with our children, it has always been about family’. The newest collection ‘Victorious’ is a reflection of Abbey & Lisa’s passion for their work and showcases the maturity in their design processes. Their attention to detail and their desire to create the perfect gown has led to a collection that is both graceful, fiercely unique and truly beautifully bohemian.


Nau Mai New Plymouth Tours



Juno is a bespoke hand-selected, harmonious blend of pure mountain water, the finest locally grown botanicals and spices crafted here in Aotearoa, by BeGin Distilling Ltd. The creative forces behind BeGin Distilling are husband and wife team Jo and Dave James. Jo and Dave’s combined engineering and science backgrounds makes gin distilling the perfect avenue for flavour experimentation. While the Juno Extra Fine Gin is the heart of the collection of gins produced by BeGin Distilling Ltd, every season Jo and Dave allow their creative energies to roam free and explore seasonal flavour profiles in order to release limited edition seasonal gins Currently available are Winter, Spring , Cloudy Autumn and Cloudy Summer editions. Why Juno? Juno, wife of Jupiter and known as the goddess of marriage and domestic harmony. She is linked to the idea of vital force, fullness of vital energy and eternal youthfulness. Juno is the perfect goddess to oversee the marriage of flavours that happens within the copper pot still during distillation. Ensuring that the carefully selected botanicals and the beautiful water of Mt Taranaki come to fruition as an extra fine gin of distinction. From the maker “I love gin..It’s been a favourite drink of mine since I was a teenager and I’ve always loved to cook. So what we’re doing with Juno is like a recipe for happiness – we’re able to play with flavour and create a product that I genuinely love.” – Jo James, Distiller Juno Gin


DMAN Entertainment